Our plan is to acquire two coastal lodges along the rainforest and add new accommodations to be marketed as The Rainforest Living Spa Resort: first, permanent tents a la the “African safari” in style, then fixed structures.  They will be located in the East and West on the Osa Peninsula, with the Corcovado National Park in between.

Following lodge acquisition we envision will gradual increases in capacity and standards to achieve the only luxury destinations in the country’s south, and attain higher yields without high density which is typically occasioned by the removal of forest or habitat disturbance. 

From the north Panamanian archipelago to Costa Rica’s Manual Antonio,  Chuck and Bradford surveyed the Pacific coastal opportunities to establish and build-out the HP-Global Central American experience.

After just one evening at our Property Management TEKOA flat in San Jose to meet a few of the folks from the Green Coast Pacific offices next door (a group Bradford has known for over five years), we headed to the beach overland.  The purpose of this survey was for Chuck to be introduced to the wide array of opportunities the Rainforest Safari.

We envision the New Tourist to spend one or two nights in San Jose, as most flights arrive after lunch, and most domestic flights do not fly in the afternoon due to weather.  We envision a residence near the airport.  One such example is Villa Hermosa (photo & map below), an incredible residence with a formidable Sense of Place. 

At the San Jose residence, the New Tourist would be introduced to their naturalist and driver. Perhaps they would take the opportunity to connect to the living history of Old San Jose to put into perspective the urban experience with the coming Rainforest Safari.  

Such a residence will be the anchor for the fine art experience, with the planned vast permanent collection of the Harmony Collection. In partnership with the Kiosk Project -  an ambitious curatorial and artistic effort to celebrate Central American collectable fine art.

If Villa Hermosa does not work out, we shall peruse alternatives with a rich Sense of History.

We travelled to the northern Panama archipelago to check on an existing lodge holding about half an island.  The topography is completely different than the Osa. See the charming harbor and lodge in the photos below.

To the north, Chuck and Bradford traveled through Los Sueños to Manual Antonio. At the end of the punta (photo below), just to the north of the Marine Park is the ideal location for the Harmony Project resort in the popular Quepos destination.

Dominical - Quepos Road has been under construction for years and is now complete. The 35 bridges are now complete with the project ready to connect the Harmony Project traveler to the Quepos airport within about 30 minutes.  See photo below left.  The Marina construction in Quepos is also well underway, photo right. The new road to the airport and Marina is very significant.



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