The plan has two parts.  Phase One is to start with three destinations, two with real estate opportunities located just south of Mumbai & Pune, the other in Jaipur.  The historic hunting lodge near Jaipur is a beginning in the popular traveler circuit known as the ‘Golden Triangle’.  The ocean-front palace just south of Mumbai, and rice farm village near Pune locations are in proximity to local real estate interest and the international New Tourist.  A local partner will bring land into the investment plan for the Pune and Jaipur locations.  Phase Two will consider the resort and wellness areas of Kerala, a second location in the Golden Triangle such as Agra, and begin wildlife Safari’s, perhaps in Ranthambhore.

Phase One: South of Mumbai and Pune - Ocean Front Palace and Rice Village; North of Jaipur, historic hunting lodge. 

Later Phases: beach resorts in the south, Agra and Bhutan.


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