The New Delhi Highway goes right through an old hunting reserve. An hour north of Jaipur the an old hunting lodge is set to be restored, its gardens greened again by the now dilapidated water system, bird wildlife enlarged.

A patchwork of land has been quilted back together immediately around the old hunting lodge residence, with the estate now around 100 acres.

A variety of smaller dwellings fill a long rectangle area, once appearing to be a garden as evidenced by the surviving hydrology and water systems.  A gentle hill frames the other end of the, a lone watch tower sentinel off to the corner.  The setting will be an excellent addition to the Golden Triangle tourist circuit.  We shall use the urban hoteliers, such as New Deli Imperial and Amarvilas in Agra to complete the circle if the New Tourist has yet to see the old fort of Delhi or Taj Mahal.

Our competitor will be Rajvilas, an Oberoi boutique resort winner in Jaipur (publicity photo right).  It is a complete recreation of a palace fort setting on 32 acres.  Our strength will be the HP model, restored lodge estate, Ayurvedic spa connected to our Nawab Ocean Palace Destination Spa Resort and a bird reserve (former hunting estate) and rural farmland - an honest experience.  We shall let the antiquities of the ‘Golden Triangle’ speak for themselves.  

There are a number of suite opportunities in the old estate lodge. The first floor and ground floor in the two photo groupings below each with wonderful views of the country side and hills. The experience is not contained within the fort walls as with Rajvilas. We have hills, farms and bird life to share.

Estate Lodge apartments: first floor top, ground floor above.

Multiple dwellings dot the estate, each with their own Sense of History to add to

the story.  Rolling lawns and ‘reflecting pools’ will not be a part of experience at

the Old Jaipur Hunting Lodge & Estate.WeWe shall recover the stories and build upon them.


Jaipur Hunting Lodge

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