Living-Museum and Lifestyle

The traveler who arrives at a Harmony Hotel enters into a ‘Living Museum’, a place where the traveler is no longer ‘in transit’.  The traveler becomes a resident and lives amongst the healers, artists, farmers, and community, in a place where the traveler can be a participant, and not just an observer, of the daily life of the local.  Participation is optional and carefully considered by the bridge maker, approached not for its perfect authenticity but for cross cultural communication. If desired, your guide is a healer, farmer, naturalist, cook, artist or villager. 

The Living-Museum is the cathartic instrument to achieve an enriched lifestyle.  The integrative nature of the Living-Museum is the essence of the Harmony Project: “art in life” and the cultural safari.

At the Harmony Project China artisan workshops and studios of carvers, carpenters, ceramists, metal smiths, jewellers, tailors, embroiders, sculptors, painters and others make up the artist-in-residence aspect of the Living-Museum. 

A superior lifestyle is approached.  A complete integration of a culture’s, art, lifestyle, philosophy, wellness and community are introduced to the traveler in ways that revolve around the self-sustaining aspects of two entities: the wellness systems with the China Living Spa and the Living-Museum.

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An ambition video project documents Harvey and Xiaobo West’s three- decade experience building the China Living Museum. CCTV produced and broadcast this television show about five years ago.

China Living-Museum

Part One:  Introduction

Part four: 

Part three:

Part two:  Building The Collection

Part five: Countryside Survey

Part Six:  Interview with Harvey West

Part Seven:  A China Lifestyle in Paris, France.

Rights reserved for the China Living Museum Video with CCTV.