China Antique Village Example

Located along the Pearl River in Guangzhou China, the new university district surrounds an old part of town. Its preservation became a political statement. The use and nurturing of it did not - but is an excellent example or benchmark for the Harmony Project - China: West East Bridge, A China Resource For Life.

  1. Bullet   Guangzhou, China

The local government made a huge statement by underwriting the restoration of the remaining antique village along the waterfront called Lingnan Impression Park. It is completely surrounded by a University City along Walhuan West Road and made up of ten different universities that must comprise a million students.  We saw only 5 on this rainy day.  The financiers of this project didn’t bother to underwrite the programming or experiential design of project.  If it were not in the hands of the state, entrepreneurs would be all over this place, making it the most cool student college town ever.

The benchmark is an example of a village that could be self contained to comprise residence, artisan studios, traveler's apartments (guest rooms), commerce - all the elements of the Living Museum. In the HP model, extensive gardens (e.g., Xiaobo’s Garden), plantings, arboretums and water will also feature into the experience.  This examples does not have back alleys, side streets, workshops or other bits that could be typically found in such a village before it was restored.

The use of contemporary building technology, architecture and design was not used well here.  The HP model would utilize such elements but only in support of designs that fit the Life Style of a China Resource for Life.

The HP model will be located within 500 Mu (600 acres) of land. In this way we can control the views, ecology, access and living experience. The first location will be just outside Guangzhou.  The present studios and artifact and art collection of our partners Harvey West and Xiaobo Yao will be located here to under pin the Living Museum and the project’s construction and on-going creation of art, beauty and lifestyle.


Restored and recreated facade details are found throughout the village.

Vertical details of the village.

Many decorative facade details were found throughout the project. Such examples would keep the Living Museum busy for a long time. 

Vehicular access and parking will have to be considered in the HP model.

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