For five weeks Bhutan was surveyed with the help of Preston Scott, curator of the Smithsonian Bhutan Folk Festival 2008. During this survey we visited much of the central elevation and established  over thirty high-quality contacts and points of resource  based on the work Preston completed the previous years for the Festival. In short, an incredible amount of time was saved with this avenue. Bhutan as compelling destination for HP-Global .

We thank Mr Scott for his assistance and keen interest in the Harmony Project.  

The survey is categorized by general areaa, as represented by the pin map above.  Phase One will concentrated on the west and central Bhutan, as there is only one airport and it is located in Paro, in the West, and one east-west road.  Phase Two will utilise domestic airports recently completed.  

Two circuits can be developed.  The first will include Paro, Phunakha, and Bumthang.  The new airport in Jakar is near the Bumthang estate.  This allows the traveler to drive cross-country from Paro and return by air.  Phase Two adds a destination outside Thimphu and in the south-east near Samdrup Jongkharto to commence a wildlife/adventure safari circuit.

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Instead of "Gross National Product", Bhutan uses "Gross National Happiness" to measure its socio-economic prosperity, essentially organizing its national agenda around the basic tenets of Buddhism. Bhutan's fourth king, Jigme Singe Wangchuck, invented the idea in 1972, to give his country some international clout priority.


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