The stone baths at the Gangtey Palace were very popular. However much more can be done regarding facility, programming and culture to address the Sense of Purpose

of the New Tourist.

  1. Bullet   The traveler dwelling configuration for Bhutan is very simple.  It is abased on the indigenous technology, floor plan and materials of the dwellings for the particular location, east, central or west Bhutan.  Rammed earth, stone or other materials will be used.

Concluding Notes

Accommodations Survey

There are two likely accommodations modes for Bhutan, the palace and the farm house.  The farm house is much more likely even in conjunction with the palace vernacular.

Below are the traditional space places and a cross-section for these structures, made of rammed earth, stone and timber.  It is likely that a number of these dwellings will be placed in or near existing farm homes. The interiors will echo the traditional functions and appointment.

Cross Section


Dwelling Examples

A number of examples were surveyed over the weeks. Here is a composite of some pleasing designs.

A fine example in Phobjika Valley

Youwakha Punakah Village

Youwakha Punakah Village

A hot stone bath may be located in the back court yard up on the hill. The two Punakah dwellings below  on the hillside show the prospect.

Youwakha Punakah Village

Chuzomsa Wangdi logging village


A find example of a non-rammed earth dwelling near the Aman.

Outside of Thimpu

Folk Heritage Museum Thimpu

A fine example of an all timber facade upper story front.

Extenuation example outside of Thimpu

Above the Thimpu Pune HWY

This is reportedly a 300 year old farm house. Much of the villagers has withered away to urban centers.

Weaving Village Bumthang

Outside of Thempu

An example of a nearly complete rammed earth farm house. Unfortunately, it is near the new highway and sewage treatment center.


Building Construction Details

The Choki Traditional Arts School, girls dorm was under construction, along with a nunnery in Jakor.

Choki Traditional Arts School, girls dorm



Tang Nunnery

Stone construction at Gongkhar Guest House, Jakar


Building Construction Examples

The Bhutan Foundation building was constructed as an example of middle class Bhutanese housing. This structure was built for about USD$50k, excluding land.

Window detail

Gable example

Front Doorway, carved non painted finishes.