View from the Palace

  1. Bullet   Ogyen Choling Palace is the planned Harmony Project’s destination in Tang Valley.  Located above a verdant valley 40 kilometres east of the Bathpalathang airport in Jakar, now under construction.   

The Palace comprises a museum, historic buildings and basic tourist accommodations which could be extensively upgraded.  A few community festival and activities are conducted annually by the NGO related to the museum.  The Harmony Project’s Living-Museum model will celebrate and further many of these attributes.

Tang Valley

Ogyen Choling Palace


A museologist would adore this project. Although much as been accomplished with very little by the foundation since 2001, the collection is need of preservation.  

It speaks to the Tong Valley agriculture, trade, tools, lifestyle, armaments, governance, ritual, music and manuscript collections.

Manuscript collection





Ogyen Choling Palace

History started in the 1300’s for the palace only to succumb to an earthquake in 1897. The estate remains in the same family hands and today is a small and simple guest house and important regional museum.

The estate rests on a bluff overlooking its village. Sat long the walking paths, it was well positioned to tax and monitor the region’s commerce.

The Utse is now used as a museum. At Gangtey Palance in Paro, its Utse us used for guest suites.

Tsug Ihakhang recently received a fresh painting on the front facade

Second floor sanctuary

The Chamkhang ‘dance house’ was the only structure left standing after the earthquake

The courtyard between the Utse and outer Shakor residences


Jakor Dzong

Of the half dozen Dzong, Jakor’s was the smallest but most intimate as it was not set with a imposing and precarious location.

The humble Dzong of Jakar

Intimate courtyards within

Interior facade

Apartment window detail


Ogyen Choling Palace


The resident care taker family’s warmth and care made up for the spareness of the half dozen accommodations.

Room interior

Laundry on the line

Exterior of guest accommodations

Trong Valley


Ogyen Choling Palace



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