We are reaching the end of the road for this survey; a picnic at the side of the road with the Haa valley below.

  1. Bullet   Phobjikha & Haa Valley

We have left the Tong Valley and made our way south west, stopping at the Black Neck Swan reserve of Phobjikah and the valley of Haa - a historic corridor to Nepalese trade.  Phobjikah is certainly a secondary or tertiary destination.

Phobjikha & Haa Valley

Gangte Goemba Monastery


Undergoing a massive restoration, this once beetle infested school and monastery is a wonderful example of a living museum.

The center massive Lhakhang

Corner carving detail

Each lentil piece required two carvers

A room full of carvers

Accommodations under renovation


Haa Dratshang

The Dzong of Haa was essentially sacrifice for the cause of security and the Indian Army.  The monastic community has set up at the Dratshang. The day we visited a significant scholar was in residence for his annual residency that lasts a month.

Parishioners spending the day in the presence of the scholar.

The community circles the venue


Dewachen Hotel, Phobjikha

The only other western lodge other than the Aman, the Dewachen Hotel was in serious need of management and repair.  The accommodations were rather appropriate for this seasonal destination.

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Rooms with view!

Dining room with cold tile floors

The cranes flock to this valley a few months every winder to escape the Tibetan cold.


Haa Dzong

The Dzong had an odd feeling to it as its function was utterly different than all the rest.  The paint job was too!

The Haa Dzong has essentially been defaced by the Indian garrison

However the solders are reminded of the need for professional appearance. In front is our wonderful guide Dhendup.


Haa Village

Much of the center village has been over taken by the Indian and Bhutan army garrisons.

Elsewhere the village is void of any foreigners. Some are curious.


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